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My career as a cabinet maker has been an interesting journey. As an apprentice with a small cabinet making company and after 4 years of training at Vancouver’s BCIT, I received my journeyman’s papers. But the 20 years that followed left me with a wide range of experience. Always ready to accept a new challenge made life very interesting. I always felt that when I built something, a little bit of me was on display.

I always work very closely with my customers. Trying to interpret the customers ideas are uppermost in the process of building a cabinet, but also the joinery, the layout, and the material used, go together to produce a fine product.

Measure the Difference

Only the highest quality of woodworking joinery is employed. All joints are dadoes, glued and then screwed.

Absolutely no particle board or simulated wood is used. Hardwood plywood is 99% layered wood, which is the best material for this type of cabinetry. These cabinets are built to last.

Cabinets that use particle board inevitably absorb moisture, swell up and fail. Also particle board gives off gases because it is composed of 90% urea formaldehyde glue.

We work with you to design your project from start to finish. No short cuts are taken when a fine cabinet is built.

Each job is different requiring focus and attention. We are a small shop therefore we can give you that kind of service. We build from the inside out, not just on the surface.


Although our woodworking is of the highest quality using the best materials and joinery we can keep the cost low. We are a small company and we do not have high overhead.

Even when economy is the highest priority care must be observed in the joinery or the cabinet has no integrity.

We go the extra mile to work with the customer to ensure complete satisfaction.

Please contact us with your project details and we will be happy to provide a free estimate.